So I made the championship game. Do I roll out Aaron Rodgers or Big Ben next week?

Pretty standard settings for QBs. 4 points per passing TD. Although we do get extra points for 300 and 400 yard passing games. Am I crazy considering rolling out Big Ben over Aaron Rodgers?

Big Ben vs NE
Aaron Rodgers @ CAR


well after tonight Ben looks fine against a good Def. I feel like I could throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs if I had Brown to through to deep and Bell to check it down to…

I have been stashing Rodgers for the playoffs but its hard to know what he will do after missing half the season. But unlike you my other Qbs are McCown and Stafford so I dont have any choice but Rodgers really.

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ide go rodgers over big ben if i get the chance. patriots will take away AB and force ben to win by throwing to james, juju, martavis and bell.

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I been wondering this too, I think I am rolling with Big Ben. He is better at home and the NE defense is vulnerable. The Steelers D will have trouble slowing down the Pats so I think there will be plenty of back and forth.

I see Carolina D stepping up big vs GB and taking away some of Rodgers big targets like Nelson and Adams. He will be dumping off to Willaims/Jones or scrambling alot to make plays. I know Rodgers is legendary and is matchup proof. But being out for 8 games and then coming back to play expecting to throw 3 TDs and 300 yards cuz his D is garbage seems like asking alot. I know he can and has done it in the past. I guess I just see him being help in check this week. I know GB needs this win to get a wild card chance, but Carolina needs this win as well.

maybe I am looking at this wrong, any other insights would be nice.