So I need a lot of help for my playoff game!

So I made it to playoffs but I need help with all the options I have on who to start. The slots I need to fill are my RB2 and FLEX. These are my options:
Josh Adams vs cowboys (currently in rb2)
Justin Jackson vs Bengals (currently in flex)
Jordan Howard vs rams
Kerryon Johnson vs cards (hurt, might be limited)
Dj moore vs Browns
Jalen Richard vs Steelers
Josh Reynolds vs bears

Keep it how you have it. I really like DJ Moore this week; but, Jackson should be safe with Cam’s injury. As for the rest:
Howard: disappointing year, not worth playing unless emergency, TD dependent
Kerryon: will play AFTER I see how Det uses their future star after the injury; I could see him being on a pitch count with Det not playing for anything
Moore: See above
Richard: Has the backfield but a tough matchup and a bad offense
Reynolds: 3rd option (at best) and playing a stud D