So, I now have all the WR!

I’m now looking a little light in the RB department, on review of my squad, do I need to invest or do I have decent WR I can flex?

I’m in a 8 team standard league.

I’ve got TY Hilton, Fuller, Baldwin, Diggs, Julio Jones and Keenan Allen.

RB I have Hunt, Martin, Kelley (waiver in for buck Allen) and David Johnson.

Aaron Jones, Abdullah are the best on waivers.

Should I try and package a trade bundle using my WR for someone?

Keep what ya got n scoop jones if you can. If not, package fuller and Kelly for an RB2 or try and get name value outta Hilton and shoot for an RB1.

Who would you consider good targets?

Hunt goes on a bye in week 10, I’d start with that.