So I pulled off this trade

I already have Gurley and hunt, added obj to a wr pool of Sanders,Boyd, T.Y.


This is a steal for you because you get Odell.

looks like a pretty even trade to me. you really just traded for odell since you wouldnt ever start trubisky…unless its a 2QB format?

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I agree that it was a more sideways trade for me, but the other guy didn’t have a traditional every down back on his team, and I had more than enough depth so I capitalized on objs down year ( which has still been plenty serviceable).

My other backs I have are Sony, crow, and buck ado I had the ammunition to pull the trigger.

Targeting obj has never been easier is all I’m trying to say.

to be honest the only every week starter you have left for RB’s is michel…crowell is in a timeshare on a mediocre/bad offense and buck is very TD dependent. hope this works out for you

He also has Gurley and Hunt he said.

Did you miss the top of the post where I said my starts are Gurley and hunt? I think I will be ok from here.

sorry about that. definitely missed lol. youre in good shape then

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Haha thank you, tbh the main victory in this trade is getting value for Wilson vs dropping him to the wire. I’m a okay with streaming qbs ros

yo bill shouldn’t you be preparing for the next pats game then wheeling and dealing in fantasy?

You win. you got OBJ. People are panick selling OBJ as if he’s been sucking. Still getting target volume and still has 2x 100 yard games against tough defenses, one of which was vs Jax and the best corner in the game. Only diff between this year and prior years is TDs. Don’t chase TDs on WRs. Positive regression is coming for OBJ.