So I really need a tight end, ASJ isn’t cutting it!

So I’ve had ASJ which started out great but now not so much. Do I keep rolling him out? My other options on the waiver wire are Vernon Davis, Greg Celek, Eric Ebron, Charles Clay, Mercedes Lewis, OJ Howard, Stephen Anderson, and Ricky seals jones. Any of these options better this week than ASJ?

I don’t mind ASJ. We don’t know how it will go with the new QB but new QBs usually use there TE alot so he might be a great play.

I honestly like Ebron. He has been increasing in target each of the last 4 weeks. I think he is a safe 4-9 pt TE and thats all you can ask for outside of the top 3-5 TE

So if your done with ASJ roll the dice with Ebron.
If not i think seals Jones has a bounce back game and would be my next pick.

But should I play ASJ over Rudolph??? Still no news on the foot-boot. Normally would go with Rudolph vs Cincy as opposed to ASJ vs NO, but really feeling strongly about ASJ this week. He screwed me last week. This week…yes…no??? Thanks for any advice. And sorry @JDawg22. Not trying to steal your post here!!!:confused: