So I traded away Calvin Ridley and Sony for Ju Ju

With the news about Big Ben and the resurgence of these players in week two, I am starting to think I have made a vital mistake. Lemme know what yall think about this situation and if I should hang the done chain on myself after making this call.

My Team
Wentz, Trubisky
Aaron Jones, Matt Brieda, Nick Chubb, James Connor, Burkhead
Dede, Jarvis Landry, Ju Ju, Robby Anderson
Delanie Walker
Mason Crosby
Saints D

Is my season even salvageable

Guess I’m cooked. RIP

Don’t panic. Wentz has the talent to be a stud QB (assuming jackson and jeffery aren’t out)

Your RB group is solid. I def think you will need to flip one for a WR

Your WR group is painful. Dede would have been fine if Foles didn’t go down. Juju should honestly improve with Rudoplh as big ben has not been himself

I say wait for one of your other WR not named Juju to have a big game, package them with RB of your choice and upgrade at WR.

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