So I traded my corey davis & alfred morris 4 obj

And everyone in the league cried and the commish vetoed our trade. The obj owner says he has no faith in giants and wants to offload obj. The rest of his team is ok at best, and his bench is flaming hot garbage. The trade is obviously in my favor, however, I have depth on my bench so I was trying to give him a wr2 and rb2ish for his wr1 that I believe genuinely might end up with wr2 numbers at the end of the year. We have the same record, there is clearly no collusion, the league admits they dont believe it to be collusion, they just say its a bad trade so commissioner decided to veto it. I’m heated. Just came to vent.

What say you footclan?

I have heard good arguments against vetoing unless it’s for collusion. If it’s a bad trade, then it’s a bad trade but both parties agreed to it so it should go through. The question then becomes, should vetoing be allowed as a competitive instrument? If a league member finds it advantageous for himself to veto the trade and other league members follow suit, should the veto be allowed? It seems that competitive vetoing comes stock when starting a new league as it’s a default characteristic.

But in my opinion, they did not have the right to veto.


That’s what I’m saying, slippery slope.

I feel like you definitely won the trade . The fact it was veto’d Is bs .