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So I was offered this in dynasty

What do y’all think? I’m kind of getting tired of Kamara and would like to trade him.

They receive:
Patrick Mahomes
Alvin Kamara

I receive:
Russell Wilson
Matt Breida (or Damien Williams)
Will Fuller
2020 1st Round pick

I already have two 2020 first round picks. The one I would be getting would currently be 5th overall. I’m a Seahawks fan and wanted to have Russell Wilson.

Would also be interested in making a move for Dalvin Cook who is on a different team. I could trade a couple picks for him possibly cuz the team is rebuilding. The team that offered the trade above has Alexander Mattison. Could try Latavius Murray for Mattison cuz I have Murray too.


to me this is just downgrading at two positions to get a first round pick. Id rather have mahomes and his future over wilson even though he is great too. and would rather have kamara over Williams (who i like more than breida). So its basically does having a third first round pick mean that much to you.

Personally id rather try to flip kamara plus to get cook then this.

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