So, is singletary now a must start? Cant choose between RBs

My RBs are:
Cook vs DAL
Kamara vs ATL
Carson @ SF
Singletary @ CLE
Lindsay, mattison and guice(not important)

I need to choose 3 to play, naturally id bench singletary, but after getting 20 carries and 4 targets, i dont know if i should anymore…
Carson could be bench as well, but he also had 130yds and would’ve had that touchdown if it wasnt for the fumble, and we all saw what Drake a cmc did to the 49ers defense this past weeks.
Kamara seems healthy, has Brees back and plays the falcons defense…

Who should i bench?

Its 0.5ppr, and i didnt talk about cook because there’s no way im benching him lol
my team is:
1qb lamar jackson
2rb cook kamara carson singletary lindsay mattison guice
2wr hopkins, sanders and aj brown
1te waller
1k doesnt matter
1d/st jets lions

I’d be trying to trade one of your RB’s for a WR since it looks like you are a little weak there.

im trying to trade lindsay for an wr2, but i dont know who to target… if you have any trade options for me to try, i will be happy to listen

I personally would be looking to trade Carson or Singletary for a top end WR2 maybe even might be able to get a low WR1 for Carson if you find a RB needy team with a surplus of WR’s.

Don’t think you will get much for Lindsay personally.

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i will look to see if i find any team needing an rb… I know diggs owner was willing to trade him, but i dont know who high i should go for him… Could also look for godwin after 2 bad games
The issue here is that there are a lot of WRs on bye this week, and i need someone i can play(nuke is on bye as well)… as far as sanders, im ok playing him right now… as jason said yesterday, he gets seattle, arizona again and green bay, 3 good matchups

Ya Sanders is fine, but to me he is more of a low end WR2/Flex. I have a hard time seeing him get that volume he got the other night in this offense consistently, but I could be wrong. You might be able to swing Carson for Godwin, I kind of doubt it but it’s not an absurd offer.

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im gonna try some offers and if anything works out! Anyway, considering i have this 4rbs right now, who would you bench?

That’s though…that’s why I’d rather just trade one :joy:.

Cook and Kamara are autostarts to me (espcially with Kamara against ATL.)

So it’s between Carson and Singletary.

Singletary definitely has a better matchup, but is he going to get 24 touches again? Who knows. I think Singletary has the higher upside, but Carson is the safer play, due to guaranteed volume.

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Though right? Ive worked hard for this rb corpse, singletary has been on my bench since week 1, picked up coleman and traded him for Kamara who has been on my bench for at least 4 weeks, and ive lost some weeks playing lindsay lol
This is my main league and i started 1-4, now im 5-4

Just got some updates, 2 possible offers came for me:
Carson or Singletary for diggs
Singletary for obj or golladay

What do you think?

I’d probably do Singletary for Golladay out of those options.

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Just got offered ridley for singletary, that feels like its too low but i wanted to confirm it here first

What happened to the Singletary for Golladay offer?

Is being discussed, hes a little on the fence about trading golladay and is trying to give me obj instead

I’d try to do everything you can to get Golladay. OBJ hasn’t been anything special this year and Ridley is too low for Singletary if you ask me.

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Tell him you have other offers on the table but you like the Golladay one the most. You aren’t lying, even if you aren’t going to take the Ridley one.

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yeah i really dont want obj, think id rather have aj brown lol baker is playing like he’s blind haha

im trying to give lindsay for ridley as well

he’s stalling, im pretty sure that he is not going to do the trade. I still have the diggs to be considered, with thielen reagravating the injury he might be a good weapon

Got offered Golladay for Carson + Lindsay, what do you think?