So Jared Cook is still available on the waiver wire

I currently have Njoku starting in my lineup with RSJ on the bench. But I noticed that nobody picked up Jared cook. Should I start him over both Njoku and RSJ?

If you own Njoku and RSJ drop the latter and keep Cook, he has a great early schedule.

He should start over both of them based on Match-ups. Although RSJ actually going against the rams is a pretty good matchup as well. Just saw what Cook did to them and Cardinals don’t have any other passing weapons. I’d still play Cook over RSJ though.

I’m unsure about Njoku tbh. I would try and trade him to another team. At this point, I think I’d rather have RSJ. Even though he didn’t get the results, he got the usage I wanted to see. Was on the field for like 90% of the snaps, saw 6 targets and dropped a TD pass in the endzone. That’s more reassuring to me than Njoku’s situation.

just don’t forget about Larry Fitzgerald or DJ as pass catching options that are ahead of RSJ, but i don’t think i drop either for Cook despite week 1, think both of their upsides are better than Cook’s ROS. Won’t fight anyone for taking a stab on Cook and starting him this week over either. If you have to drop one it’d be the Seal but I don’t like dropping either.

Not forgetting about this. It’s more so Larry will be locked up with Talib/Peters all game and it’s clear the weakness in the Rams D is TE vs Safety/linebacker match ups which is why Cook was good there so I think Cardinals can take advantage of that same match up. Also, it’s pretty clear to me McCoy is actually awful and hasn’t learned how to use DJ yet. He is arguably that teams best receiver, but McCoy is lining him up in slot/wide <15% of his snaps vs 35% under Arians. I’m not expecting them to fix that in one week.