So La’Mical Perine was a better play than Miles Sanders

…and I’m officially done with this 100% luck-based, horse shit game for the season. Seven straight losses. Oh and I hope Matt Ryan never makes it to the Super Bowl again. He doesn’t deserve to after looking like a deer-in-the-headlights rookie today. A paraplegic infant could have ACCIDENTALLY scored more fantasy points than him today. I’m just going to start throwing a damn dart at available starting QBs each week because it literally couldn’t possibly yield less production from the position than I’ve had each and every week since Dak went out. My bad luck is truly mind-numbing. This game is bull shit. And if Doug Pederson doesn’t start giving the ball to Miles Sanders 25 times a game, he should be fired. Obviously, trusting Wentz to carry your team IS NOT working. So run the damn ball.