Sold My Hogan and Lynch for OBJ, how'd I do?

First off thank you footclan for all of your help earlier. I asked a ton of questions and you guys rock. Long story short I couldn’t figure out yahoo’s FFL messenger and was working on trade offers and originally offered Lynch + Hogan for OBJ, but cancelled till I could contact the owner. Then I tried Lynch for Cooks and got shot down. Then asked the OBJ owner if he was willing to trade. Said i’d consider Mike Williams and he mentioned wanting the trade offer from earlier so I sold. I feel great.

My roster will be:
QB - Rivers, Stafford
RB - Gurley, Mixon, Breida, White, Alf
WR- Tyreek, OBJ, Boyd, C.Davis, Watkins
TE - Ebron
DST - Chicago
K- Bailey, maybe a change who cares it’s a kicker lol


That’s a really good trade.

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You won this trade 10000000%

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