Solid Draft or make a Trade?

I’m new to the Fantasy Footballers and this was my 1st time using the UDK. I don’t think that I did too bad. Any feedback is always welcomed. It’s a 10 team STD (6 pt QB) league with no flex players. My Team is Team 3 on the pic of our draft board. Our draft order snakes around at the end of each round.

QB: Cam Newton (Rd 5), Dak Prescott (Rd 13)
RB: Alvin Kamara (Rd 1), Chris Carson (Rd 3), Damien Williams (Rd 6), Miles Sanders (Rd 9)
WR: Tyreek Hill (Rd 2), Robert Woods (Rd 4), Robby Anderson (Rd 8), Marvin Jones (Rd 10)
TE: Vance “Dance!” McDonald (Rd 7), Mark Andrews (Rd 12)
DEF : Jacksonville Jaguars (Rd 11), Indianapolis Colts (Rd 16)
K: Mason Crosby (Rd 14), Michael Badgley (Rd 15)