Solid Keeper 1st round

Right now in my 10 team 1pt PPR I am set to Keep David Johnson and John Connor

Do I draft one of the top tier RB’s or Top Tier WRs in the first round. I have the third overall Pick.

All The top Tier Guys will be available

Depends on League format to be honest. If it’s a 3 WR 2RB league I’d grab a WR as there will be less available. If it’s 2/2 then I’d go RB. In a 10 team league I’d also really try to land a top TE as it will separate you from the other teams.

I don’t think there’s really a wrong answer. If zeke or mccaffrey is there I’d likely still take them and get wr later. But I think whatever happens you ought to be in nice shape

Believe it or not I could keep Ertz in the 5th Round. So here are my Keepers and their Round Penalties:

David Johnson: 3rd Round
Zach Ertz : 5th Round
James Connor: 12th Round

Man Connor in the 12th is tempting, Ertz can jut make such a difference in smaller team leagues though so I think I lean him still. He’s basically a WR1 you get for a 5th round pick. I like that value.

Well I can Keep 3. So These who I am leaning towards. I was thinking about keeping DJ Moore in the 11th so It was really down between Moore and Ertz

If that’s the case keep those three and if you can flex a 3rd RB go with zeke/saquon/cmc/kamara in the 1st round. If you can only play 2 RB’s obviously grab an elite WR or TE to round out your team as you won’t be able to start a 3rd RB.

If you can start 3 RBs, take a top RB for sure.