PPR, 14 man league, 6-1 record, 6 bench spots.

Which DEF would you stash for week 13 from the below options? ( Currently own Ari & Pit)

  • Packers vs Ari
  • Chiefs @ Oak
  • Seahawks vs SF

Seahawks, the other teams have tough matchups in week 14.

However, why are you doing this? You dont need to own two and for sure not 3 defenses. I would only own one and use a tool like this to decide who has a good schedule over the next 6-8 weeks

Way too early to stash DEF for playoffs. Its week 8…

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but mike, defense wins championships!

“Defense doesn’t matter”

Mike, which DEF would you select based on the choices I presented above?

Like I said. It’s way too early to tell. Defenses can change between now and then. I’m not planning for defenses 5 weeks out today. Coming into the season, JAX would’ve been consensus top D in the league. As of right now, they aren’t even top 5.

Similarly, 3 weeks ago, we all though SEA D was straight trash and someone to play all players against. And now, somehow, they are like a top 6 D again.

This is why I don’t make decisions about DEF that far ahead. For example, right now Chiefs D sucks horribly. But if they get Houston and Berry back for that game @ oak, they could have streamer appeal.