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Some help with a Redraft League Rules


I help run a league set up with family. I was thinking of eliminating the week 17 playoff, adding partial points, changing trading rules to no vetos are some big ones. We are also exanding to 10 teams. Any thoughts on how to set up the playoffs?? Like some how do 6 teams maybe? Any advise would be nice. Thank you


I’ve got a redraft rules template floating around here somewhere that should help you out. I’ll try and find it. You’ll need to make a few adjustments, but it’s mostly plug and chug.


Yeah let me know if you find it! Would love any help to make the league more interesting and exciting!


This is the one I built. Give it a read- I may have some different rules in there (I use some…odd kicker scoring)


In my league (10 teams) we start playoffs on week 13. 6 teams make the playoffs. This would make championship on week 16. It works out well especially with the trend of teams resting starters on 17 for some or all of the game.