Some muppet just dropped Golliday, let the FAAB war begin

Shocking stuff…This is a 12 team 1/2 ppr league w experienced players.

What % of FAAB gets him?


honestly? id go 75 to 80. He’s a potential WR1. Go get him.


Wow all of it, well not all if you need some for streaming dst but just about all

You know someone is likely going to go 100%. Unless you’re especially strong at WR (e.g. you’d have to make tough decisions who to start every week even if you get Golladay), I’d say go all in.
This is a WR1 with top 5 upside. A “set him and forget him” when he is healthy. If you offer 99% and someone else gets him, you’ll probably regret it all year.
Plus, you don’t need FAAB to make acquisitions.


Need some FAAB for bye weeks, minimum FAAB is $1 for pickup in my league.