Some Serious Lineup Advice...please

Hey People!

As many of you are trying to build the best line ups, I’m sure so many of you are stuck between making some pick ups/cuts or staying put. This is .5 PPR. 1 QB 2 WR 2RB 1 Flex

I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. Please help:

Kyler Murray

Nick Chubb
Aaron Jones
Dalvin Cook
Alex Mattison
Tevin Coleman
Darius Guice

Tyler Lockett
Mike Evans
Tyrell Williams
Michael Gallup

Mark Andrews
Gerald Everett

San Fran D

Players on Wire considering picking up:

Ronald Jones
Matt Breida(?)
Lesean McCoy
Darrell Henderson

Terry McClaurin (this league falls asleep on bye weeks and people cut players)

Mike Gesickt
OJ Howard
Chris Herndon

Matt Ryan
Carson Wentz
Ryan Tannehill

Pittsburgh Steelers (that ROS schedule looks good)

Is there any moves that I should make or just keep my team the way it is.

Thank you so much.

I don’t see anyone that you would drop unless you want to give up the mattison handcuff. You have 4 RBs you can start and 2 WRs every week plus the other 2 WRs are starts on given weeks

Thanks, man,

So you would stick with Kyler Murray and not go after Wentz or Ryan?

Yeah I know what you’re saying about WRs- rarely do I ever put anyone else in there. I just saw McClaurin and thought maybe replacing one of them or cut the second TE to grab him or Jones. I know it was probably a scheme to fool Belichik but I did not like the 3 TE committee.


I wouldn’t cut andrews maybe try to pair with a trade

If you have San Francisco D , you don’t need to worry about the Steelers unless you want to replace them with PIT. TE’s are a non-factor considering the two you have. McLaurin isn’t going to start over any WR you currently have. RoJo and Breida are the two obvious commodities for me. I’d drop Guice for either, and maybe Gerald Everett too since you already have Mark Andrews. You could also drop Mattison but no one else is really droppable other than those 3. Matt Ryan < Kyler Murray imo

Wow really! I was really debating dropping Murray for Ryan.

Thanks man! Yeah I’m not liking having two TEs, but like I said, I’m just hoping Baltimore doesn’t keep the game plan they had for the Patriots(TE committee).

San Fran D- yeah I was seriously tilting after last week. I had a hard time not saying goodbye!

Thanks for the thoughts man.