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Some trade help

So I have taken over an orphaned team. I only have 2 draft picks this year. But since I’m new and rebuilding. I guess I got 3 compensatory picks. I have a trade offer D. Cook for Mike Evans and possibly a 1 rd pick. What do you guys think

Or possibly Dalvin Cook for 2 draft picks

Now he wants mattison and cook for Evans and a 1st round pick

How’s the rest of your roster?


Assume this is full dynasty. How many teams? PPR or non PPR? TE premium?

What is the first round pick that is being offered? 1.0x?

Sorry it’s 12 team hppr no te premium. If I go with this year draft it will be pick 1.10. Then he made another offer. Hopkins and two 2nd rd picks for cook and mattison.


Where are the 2nd round picks?
Is there any teams in your league that finished worse then you?
Ya gotta try and get into town thr first few spots in that draft

It looks like in this years draft he only has one 2nd round pick and the other would be in next years draft

Fair & Balanced statement - I don’t play dynasty.

But from what I’ve learned being a redraft nut (osmosis when pods delve into it, y’know), RBs are the first thing to go in dynasty leagues, bc they turn over FAST.

Your team seems thin at both WR and RB. But given the premium on RBs, unless you’re getting into the first couple picks of R1 and something else in return, I think this is someone trying to fleece the new guy.

Don’t make this deal.


100% agree

Thanks @cptbeefalo I didn’t make the trade. I traded Tarik Cohen and dion lewis for a 4th round

He still wants cook. I’m thinking some first round picks but he is out of picks for this year.

I am not making that trade either. especially with mattison thrown in. you can get more than that imho. while i did not get a king’s ransom, i landed 1.03 / 2.03 / 2021 1st for Cook. That is slightly not in my favor, but I was working a number of other deals and I knew it would be balanced out a bit more through other avenues. but even that deal was a little light for me.

if i were you, i would look for a team steep in WR and light in RB. Try to package Cook for a rack of young WRs and build that stable. i know this is a take over / rebuild mode, but a pick or two will not get you right. grabbing many younger WRs who seem to have a path to importance will go further to getting you on track.

oof…just noticed you have nothing next year either. 2021 might be the goal? as another idea, try to sell everything for 2020 2nds and 2021 1st/2nds? you definitely have a road ahead of you, but that is the rebuild life! it can be done, it will just be a 2/3 year process. also, while this might not make sense, if you catch a hot player, you might want to move them for other picks / players instead of holding them. any young WR that takes off makes for dynasty lust. while they can certainly pan out, there is a reason the top tier of WRs have been around for years now, with 2019 seeing some guys starting to challenge. People want the instant and pay up for recency bias. take advantage of that. if you can flip a 2nd round this year for a shot at a first round next year, that is worth it IMHO. NOT the conventional suggestion, but building up a roster takes some blood from your side of things :wink:

good luck and have fun! it is only fantasy football, after all!

also, in this class the 2nd round will have some solid picks. people will part with the 2nds much more easily. try to grab a few of those.


@octoberland you are amazing. Thanks for the help and those tips. I will keep coming back to that until our draft. Update as of now I have 9 picks in this years draft.

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happy to help. what picks do you have this year, just so i know. i am excited for this years draft and sometimes ‘draft’ vicariously through other people’s picks :wink:

Well so far.

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nicely done. do you know where those 1st picks land? if they are in the back of the draft, you might want to bust one of them to pick up two earlier 2nds? also look to maybe package your 4th rounders with a guy you are not sold on to move up ideally into the 2nd, but even the third. one thing i always forget is that adding in picks is great, but i have to cut someone to make room. if i can churn the bottom of my roster and get a better shot at a contributing player it often times is worth it.


Once again thanks @octoberland I will see what I can do about about some of those picks. You have been great help.

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