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Some trade Help?


Hi Guys

So I’m not sure if I’m just ancy into making a trade, but I’ve been thinking of trying to bring in another player to my team

12 team PPR Currently I’m 2-0

QB J. WInston, A.Dalton
WR: D.Baldwin, M.Crabtree, DeVante Parker, C.Kupp
RB:L.Bell , K.Hunt. Mark Ingram, J.Stewart. M.Gillislee
TE: C. Fleener

I think my team is decent the way it is now, but was thinking of trading package between Baldwin or Crabtree and Gillislee for a top 5 WR. I don’t even know if they will even get me a top 5 WR, but was just trying to think of way to improve my team. I could also try to Upgrade TE and back QB, but i really play the TE position the way of defense week by week and i believe Winston should be fine the ROS.
Should i keep the team the way it is now or try for trade?

Thanks all for the help