Some trouble with the comish (need opinions asap)

So the comish in my league is facing a 1-6 team. The comish up by 30.
The other guy has emanual sanders left to play in MNF.
By the looks of it, he won’t be playing.

I took advantage of the situation by picking up Bennie Fowler who was a FA on waivers.
The guy that was 1-6 has Baltimore dst on his BENCH (lol I know right?) And I traded him Bennie Fowler for Baltimore.

I know Baltimores points don’t do anything for me cuz he’s on the bench and my DST already played.

The comish is freaking out because he says the trade shouldn’t have gone through because Baltimore already played and since he has to approve trades (it said trade would process Nov 1st), he approved it thinking it would go through on Wednesday. But since Baltimore was in the BN spot and I had Bennie Fowler in my BN spot who is still yet to play, I said it makes sense.

I traded for a team that already played and it will have no affect on my week. And he got someone that would have been an FA on waivers that he could plug in by dropping one of his bench players who already played anyway.

The comish is mad now that the trade was able to go through even though it said processed November 1st.
The trade was between a bench player and a player who hasn’t played yet, which common sense says is okay.

Am I wrong?

Thanks in advance

No man whats the big deal? As if Fowler is going to drop 30 points LOL.

Plus he approved the trade, he is just being a baby imo.

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It makes complete sense to me
Why wouldnt it be allowed if there’s a possibility that your Monday night guy is a game time decision and all other games have been played.

Yup, the 1-6 guy could easily have picked up Folwer and replaced Sanders. You were just smart and took advantage of the situation lol…well done if you ask me. Commish probably doesn’t like it because he didnt think of it first HAHA!

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The comish actually thought about dropping 3 of his bench players and picking up the top 3 wide receivers available for Monday night game
Which is an equally as snakey move if you ask me but it’s allowed
Gotta do what you can to win, also what is the best move for your team (me getting Baltimore off a waiver pickup)

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Only thing that bothers me is there are 2 other people that agree with the comish. Even though theyre sayying it shouldn’t be possible instead of how they dont like the ttade

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I would not worry about it man. I say just get the league to vote on it, you will win.

No collusion, no problem.