Somebody sell me on Miles Sanders

I got stuck with the 11th pick in my home league. I wasn’t a fan of his coming out of college, and I have never really been on the hype train. It seems like every mock I do, there he sits at 1.11 with Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs, and Kenyan Drake. Am I just showing my bias?

Jacobs is ranked higher, Might be a better option

Yeah, i’ve got the 11th pick as well and I actually love it! Especially when Jacobs and Mixon fall to me in mocks. I usually go Jacobs/Mixon and Chubb when I get the chance. But I do pick Sanders quite often as well.

On Sanders…he has fantastic hands and with very little comp in that backfield and with all the receivers dropping like flies, he should be a dual threat if he can stay healthy. I like him more than Drake personally. Love Drake’s talent, but I don’t really know if he can handle the full workload. Plus Chase Edmonds is no slouch.