Someone convince me to keep John Brown

I picked him up about 5 weeks ago and he’s been a drag on my team ever since. I want to drop him for Marquez Valdes-Scantling or Anthony Miller . I have Gurley and Conner and I’m still projected to lose this week! (6-4 so far… Hardest matchups to come). Half PPR league with ridiculous bonuses for big plays.

I can’t convince you. I dropped him last week

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Take MVS if Lamar Jackson starts, I don’t want to be holding brown.

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I’d definitely go MVS over John Brown

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Seriously though. I don’t understand why he’s ranked so high at this point. Especially with possibility Flacco might not play.

Rankings can be dumb sometimes. Perfect example is Corey Davis. Everyone was bagging on him all season long, has one good game and now people are saying he’s the next randy moss… recency bias can be unreal.

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I would personally hold JB for his schedule ROS. It becomes important as playoffs start up.
Sure it might not be Flacco throwing deep bombs to JB, but Jackson’s rushing should cover more ground and bring them closer to the red zone more often than Flacco did. Plus he’s used in the red zone. There’s no one else to drop?

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It’s a fixed bench. I have Davante Adams, DeSean Jackson, and Edelman. I considered dropping Jackson, but I’ve been burned worse by Brown at this point.

Start mvs over brown today! Flacco missed today its just not predictable.

Brown(ravens) have the juciest matchups upcoming.

Maybe someone else there to drop?

That is pretty hard.
Currently they aren’t using Djax to his full potential and as the weeks go by, other TB players become increasingly relevant. Jacquizz, Barber, Howard, DJax, Evans, Humphries, Godwin, and Brate will sneak in for a TD here or there. It’s like guessing at this point.

I understand not wanting to drop DJax though. Has your trade deadline passed? Can you possibly make a 2-for-1 deal and then use the extra slot to pick up MVS/ Miller?

The thing is, I doubt anyone’s going to pick him up even if I do drop him. 🤷 most people are either tapped out because they have no chance or they are pretty set with their 200+ point teams. (I’m telling you, scoring is bonkers in this league)

Can’t do 2 for 1 trades, unfortunately.