Someone dropped Baldwin like its hot. Obvious pickup?

10 team standard. Would you drop Funchess or D.J Moore?

Do you have another option? If not then I’d drop DJ Moore (although I think he blows up this week)

Wish I did, my other bench WRs/RBs are Golladay, Drake, and A. Jones

He got dropped in my league today. I’m leaving him on the waiver in favor of DJ Moore and Sutton, among others. Forget names. This is the year of the no name.

OP you and I tend to disagree on most everything, now that I think of it. I can recall back you saying i was crazy for telling you to drop a “top 20 RB” in Jay Ajayi. It was the week reports were coming out he was fighting through injuries. Low and behold, the following week, he hits the IR. Although we differ I wont assume I’m right and you’re wrong.

Here is where i think we differ most. You strike me as someone that places significant value on high name players. Hear me when i say this: this is the year of the no name. Tyler Boyd has vastly more value than Doug Baldwin. Phillip Lindsay has more value than Shady McCoy. On and on and on. Cohen doesn’t have the name Fournette has, but his results THIS SEASON are there and he is injury free.

You’re 3-5 and need immediate production. Cohen is a valuable piece for your lineup.

If it gives you any idea as to my opinion of doug baldwin right now, im currently considering between tre’quan smith and demariyus thomas over even thinking about doug baldwin right now. i just dont trust him. if you have the confidence in him though, i’d drop moore.

Right I understand that, and what if Ajayi had not been placed on IR? Can’t play hypotheticals so that’s a bad call on my part and would’ve screwed me if I had any shares of Ajayi this year. There may be some truth to that this year, but I’ve also played the Enunwas and Lockett’s earlier in the year and was able to flip them for better pieces. Just trying to assemble the best bench possible for potential trades or ROS value. My starting line up has been set for most of the year outside of a flex and I also said nothing about a record in any posts that I’ve made.

I meant this for another thread, my apology.

10-team standard Baldwin is definitely droppable. The other two WRs on that team are the better options ROS due to their TD upside.

Definitely don’t trust Baldwin either. Short term I definitely like Funchess or Moore. I have Wilson as my 3rd QB so if he gets hot late in the season, Baldwin could benefit from his production.

Baldwin just landed on waivers in my league as well. I think he should probably be owned in all 10-team league, but not for my team. I am not giving up Ekeler or Lewis for him and they are on the end of my bench.

I benched Baldwin for DJ Moore, need I say more? I also would have dropped Baldwin if I didnt have Wentz on my roster for Rivers’ bye week. His best game has produced 12.6 points in .5 ppr. He has 2 weeks to perform until I drop him for a defense and I will have 2 defenses on my roster as I have the Jets and Pats because they play the Bills in week 10,14 and 16.

The biggest issue is his volume. Wilson is throwing the ball about 26 times a game, which is on the lighter side, so he’s only getting 7 looks a game on great days. If it’s PPR, he may be worth a look but the other receivers you have will likely match his numbers on any given week.

Leave him on the waivers. Don’t be the one to pick up the bomb off the waivers.