Someone dropped Big Ben... What do I do?

I currently have Matt Stafford. Should I drop him or drop someone on my bench to get Big Ben and possibly trade him off after he has a big week this week? I was thinking of dropping Robby Anderson on my bench.

Big ben at home is a god, big ben on the road is not a top 20 qb in the league. you take the great with the bad with big ben

I wouldn’t drop Anderson to roster a 2nd QB. I’d rather roll with Stafford. You shouldn’t panic after one rough start from Stafford, he’ll bounce back

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Would y’all rather Robby Anderson or Buck Allen?

That most likely depends on roster construction. Who your other RBs & WRs are. In most cases I’d rather have Anderson

Drop stafford, get big ben. Big Ben is my #1 ranked QB this week. Just stream QBs, it’s not worth it to roster 2. Ben has 3/4 next weeks at home as well with their one away game against TB. I’d rather own Ben for the near term that stafford. You can always go out and get stafford later if you want. It’s not worth roster 2 QBs in single QB leagues. There will always be good options on waiver wire. I’d rather keep skill positions. If Anderson blows up this week vs Miami, you can use him as a trade chip.