Someone dropped Callaway!

Do i drop Bernard or Kirk to claim him?? I am the mixon owner

you’d be foolish to drop Bernard for callaway. you own mixon. take the insurance policy over the weak callaway play

What about Kirk?

That’s a toss up. Up to personal preference in my opinion

Stick with what you have in my opinion. They dropped Callaway because they (or anyone for that matter) didn’t know when to play him. He would probably just take up a bench spot. In my opinion he hasn’t done enough to trust him/play him.

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I agree on keeping Bernard, so depends on how much you like Kirk. I’m taking a shot and picked up Callaway myself because his next 4 weeks are the Chargers, Tampa, Pittsburgh and KC. If the trends continue, all those should be high scoring, high passing games. Plus, Callaway should be the number 2 target for Mayfield (3 if you want to call Njoku #2) with Higgins out for 1-3 weeks.

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