Someone dropped Dez Bryant. Pick him up?

Someone dropped Dez today. Should I drop moderate cash to pick him up? I see reports in the last 24 hours that the Patriots may be interested in signing him.

depends on who you have to drop, but even if he signs this week, he wont play sunday, will be a non factor next sunday if he even suits up, and maybe in 3 weeks he would be somewhat integrated in the offense and get maybe 4 targets, and then edelman is back. i lean towards no but if you have deep benches or crap at end of the bench could be worth a shot on upside. but i lean no.

Yep, depends on who you’re dropping, but I honestly don’t think he has enough upside left to justify picking him up before he actually signs somewhere.

I HIGHLY doubt the patriots will sign him, because he couldn’t even get the paycheck he wanted from the BROWNS.

What makes anyone think Belichick will give him anywhere near the kind of money he’s hoping for?

barstool lmao and their followers…i agree that it is utterly ridiculous to think he signs in NE