Someone Dropped Ingram How much FAAB should I spend?

Dont ask my why but someone in my money league just dropped Ingram for Breida…

How much of my $100 FAAB should I bid on him?..
My Current RBs= L. Fournette, J. Mixon, R.Freeman, K, Johnson, A.Morris, A.Jones

Im willing to blow the whole $100 just to keep him off any other teams bench… Am I wrong for wanting to do that? lol winner of the league gets $800

Thanks for your help on this footclan

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I’d do at least $50. $80 tops. Yeah he’ll be out the first four games, plus a bye week, but he’ll get his numbers when he gets back.

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Yeah having him will be nice… I have a RES spot I can stick him in until he’s back… I think its more about me wanting to make sure no one else in my league gets him… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I mean… Ingram was considered in most drafts as a 5th round pick.

To get 2 5th round picks… for most of your FAB, guaranteed is juuuiicccyy. If you have the roster construction to get by till week 7 and ride Ingram into a title, its most definitely worth. If you’ve got a slot or two that is questionable, bidding less FAAB (50$ish range) and hoping to still get him is probably more reasonable.

While I haven’t been reaching for Ingram, if I can snag him in the 5/6 and then a Jamaal Williams or the like to get my by till then, I feel pretty confident at the cheap FLOOR of an RB2 with RB1 upside. I’m of the opinion that Ingram and Kamara actually make each other better, and you will see them both being more product when they reunite in Week 7.

I have a very solid roster… Probably one of the best in my league… I mean its only FAAB, waivers are open after FAAB day so I can always make pick ups when needed… i went through the entire season last year and only used 10 of it lol… I honestly feel like i should bid $60-$75 for this… I did just lose McKinnon so it would be a welcome replacement on my team… … I also just wanna keep him off the other teams i dont want them getting better hahaha

Depends on how competitive your league is. If this happened in my home league, I would spend everything.

This is a very competitive league lol… and these guy will do anything to see me lose cause i beat them so often… Im fighting the urge to bid the full 100 on him lol … I really dont wanna risk him going to another team… #ImGreedyLikeThat lol

Go $83 or something random like that if its super competitive. but above 80 should get him.

If that’s the case, spend everything. Why risk 15-20 of FAAB for not getting an every week starter. Seems silly to me. You’ll likely be able to trade him to needy teams for more than anything you’ll find on waivers anyway.

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Thanks for all the input fellas… Im gonna put a hefty bid of $80-$100 in on him tonight lol

For those who are interested my bid is @ $91 right now lol … #IWantThatChickenDInner

let me know how it goes haha

Update… My bid is currently the full $100 lol… I seen some chatter about him in our group chat people dont want me to get him… and even if someone matches my bid I have the #1 waiver priority so ill win regardless MWHAHAHAHAHA… I love this time of year and I dont care if i go into the season with no FAAB budget I drafted lots of Depth cause i knew they would conspire against me lol #ChampsGonnaChamp

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I agree with this maneuver. Not worth saving $9 faab to risk losing out on an every week starter.

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Exactly whats the point of 9 bucks when everyone knows they just gotta bid 10 to beat you lol… And I cant wait to see the group chat tomorrow morning when they see I got the bid and how much I spent on him hahah… YOU GOTTA PLAY TO WIN THE GAME BABY, AND I WANT THAT CHICKEN DINNER lol

Seriously though thanx for all the feedback boys I really appreciate it…
Wouldnt it be awesome if he got traded to the 49ers right after I picked him up hahaha

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Update: So I won the waiver bid…
My RBs are now
Fournette, Mixon, R.Freeman, Ingram, Michel, Johnson, Morris & Jones… (I also dropped my kicker and snagged James Conner until we hear whats going on in Pittsburgh)

I am now going into the season with ZERO FAAB and I feel good about it (I love the challenge lol)… My League has been saying they wont trade with me all off season but now that I own so many RBs, when they need one, i’m the guy they need to come talk to now :rofl: :rofl:

My league has 2x Flex spots BTW so I can play 4 RBs a week if I wanted too…
Again thanks for all your input fellas…Good luck this season in all your pools #GetTheFootClanTitle

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I was gonna say too many rbs but you have 2! That’s a big mess up for the commissioner.

Out of curiosity, what are your WRs & TE looking like in this league?

Its a 12 team Half point PPR… This is our 6th season with these rules… We play 1xQB, 2xRB, 2xWR, 1xWR/RB flex ,1x WR/RB/TE Flex… D, K … We dont have a TE position BUT we added an extra Flex and you can Flex a TE if you choose too… I had 10th pick in the draft this year

My WRs are
J.Jones, A.Cooper, M.Goodwin, C.Davis, M.Williams

The rest of my team is my RBs my QB and my Defence lol… im gonna have to drop a player and pick up a kicker before Sunday, I just gotta figure out who now lol