Someone Dropped R. Jones

Waivers went through and some other league member dropped Ronald Jones, should I pick him up? I lost Mostert and couldn’t get Elijah Michell. But I feel comfortable at RB.

Current RBs: CMC, Gibson, Montgomery, Swift, and Chase Edmonds

Who would you be dropping for him? I think Rojo is worth a pickup just in case. Having lots of rb isn’t a bad thing, even if some are a bit meh. It’s the one position we know will lose a few every season.

Never hurts to have too many RBs, but I would not use a waiver priority or FAAB to get him. Especially since you won’t use him unless you have more injuries.

My Wrs are Ridley, Jefferson, R. Anderson, Claypool, D. Smith, Waddle

TE: Hockenson

Who shouldn’t I drop?

For Ronald Jones right now I’m at all. Robby is only one I’d consider and even then I want a larger sample size than one game.

It’s definitely hard to judge with last week, but I think he’s a worthy stash. Depends on your team and league though. I wouldn’t drop anything too valuable