Someone dropped Ronald Jones

Do you think he’s worth the pickup? 12 team PPR
I’d need to drop either Ty Montgomery or Allen Hurns to pick him up

Bucs fan since '96 and I say “NOPE!”

Lol I feel the same way. Bucs fan here too…

I’m sorry, my brother

I’m not a Bucs fan who is hurting from the sting of watching a player I had high hopes for stinking it up in the preseason, but I agree with the Bucs fans here.

I think in the right environment, a talented rookie who struggles in his first TC and preseason can get the ship righted.

But I don’t think that Tampa is the right environment. That team seems a bit of a mess right now and the coach doesn’t appear capable of getting all those players on the same page, let alone pulling a kid like Ro-Jo back from oblivion.

I mean, every instinct I have tells me to drop B minus players like Montgomery and Hurns for the talented, high-upside potential of the rookie draftee, but…in this case, I’d say that whether it’s Jamaal Williams or Aaron Jones in the driver’s seat, Monty is going to be the pass-catching 3rd down back, and Hurns will get plenty of chances to make plenty of catches all year, so…don’t drop either for a guy who hasn’t shown a thing, and appears to be in a bad spot.

I referenced my Bucs fandom to reinforce that, even with rose-colored glasses of eternal Tampa optimism, I don’t think RoJo is worth rostering right now. His preseason was garbage and Barber is gonna be the guy now, but Jones will get his shot late in the season. And he might be good.

But yeah, your assessment of the team is spot on.