Someone dropped Royce Freeman, should I pick him up?

I’m in a standard league. Someone dropped Royce Freeman who has a great playoffs schedule. In my bench I have Ito Smith, Crowell as my RBS. Who should I drop for Freeman I Hopes Lindsey goes down? Lol

Ito Smith?

My main RBS are Conner, chubb and Gus Edwards.

Id drop crowell, both are not productive and really touchdown dependent, but at least ito got redzone touches the past week.

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Like @uzal says Crowell is droppable, smith is too for that matter.
Royce is definetely worth looking at picking up. I was going to say if you were the lindsay owner you need to ASAP. He is a boom/bust level flex player week to week. the schedule would suggest more boom potential.
He becomes an RB2 if lindsay goes down. I say that because i see him and booker splitting snaps, maybe 65-35 .

I have Lindsay and dropped Crowell this week to grab Freeman as the handcuff.