Someone Dropped Singletary; who do I drop?

Someone dropped Singletary today in my league.

Current Rbs; D Johnson, Aaron Jones, Gallman,Sony,Alexander Mattison
Current WR; Evans, Woods, Desean Jackson, Demarcus Robinson, Dj Chark.

Who would you drop? Demacus or DJ Chark?

Probably Robinson between those two. Though I’d probably look to drop Mattison. Robinson might be relevant longer since it sounds like Hill could be out a few more weeks still. Singletary is someone you’d actually start, especially with bye weeks. Mattison is only useful if Cook gets hurt.

Right now I have it set to drop Robinson. I want a piece of KC offense but hes been hit or miss. I do agree about dropping Mattison but this is a league where the waiver wire resets based on standings. So I will never have that number one draft pick unless i suck that week (which we all know is possible lol). I always try to hold onto one handcuff to cash in big.

Thanks for the input.

I’m okay dropping Robinson. There are too many mouths to feed in KC. Picking the right one every week can be a headache. I want to play in a league where people drop guys like Singletary :joy:

Kind of how I feel, the week to week consistency and guessing is getting old.

Want to hear the best part, he dropped Singletary to pick up Robbie Gould. Yes, the kicker for 49ers. Its my buddies Dad, hes always an interesting one in our league. I got wavier pick 12 so hopefully i am the only one who noticed he dropped him. Wish me luck!

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Those Robby Gould stocks must be skyrocketing. How did I miss that?!