Someone Dropped Stills

Would you drop Enunwa or Lindsay?

Also available are John Brown, Watkins, Fuller, Cobb

will fuller is on the WW? grab him ASAP

i would drop enunwa

Thanks, I was between him and Brown

Its an 8 team league so the wire is stupid. Someone just dropped Carson and Burton, I have Gronk or i would for sure be going for Burton

If it’s an 8 team league, I’m not really worried about Stills or Watkins or Cobb.

I think Brown and Fuller should be rostered, but 8-teamers are hard to picture for me where the typical cutoff of talent is. But I think those two have very defined roles and have produced (when on the field).

Same with Enunwa as he’s option 1A through 1W, but the Jets are a bit of a mess on offense right now so tough to say. Hopefully you’re in a PPR league and I’d feel better about him.

It’s PPR. It’s unlike any other league im in, made it 2QBs to make it interesting (it’s actually just my gf’s league with her friends, she is commish and i think 6/8 teams are run by their bfs secretly).
WRs: I have now are Thielen, Kupp, JuJu, Golladay, Edelman, and maybe Baldwin…

Typically i wouldnt post simple questions like should I pick up these guys but its hard when I’m used to 12-14 teams and these guys shouldnt be available lol