Someone dropped ZEK

Im In the championship and someone dropped ZEK. I’m waiver 10 and my opponent is 11. I’m picking him up to be safe, thinking no one else will be paying attention. Should i start him or would that be wrong???

If you can get him you should start him, if you dont get him then you should start an uproar about how he shouldnt be able to be dropped this late

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I think an important question is if he was JUST dropped or was he sitting on waivers and nobody picked him up? If he was sitting out there and nobody picked him up, that’s on your league mates and I think it’s fair game. If somebody just dropped him for no other reason than to watch the world burn, I would probably raise a flag and either get the commish to add him back to the team that dropped him; or have a higher priority team that’s out of the playoff mix make the add.

Holy cow. i looked at it wrong. HE was dropped Nov 15th. Wish i would’ve known. He must have been on the bottom of the list because of not having a projected score.

I got bell, Ingram, Hyde, possibly Zek. This could be great. Hahaha.

have you seen him?

he looks ripped

hulk could smash