Someone help me with my panic attack

I am a Fournette owner and am cutting Jordan Howard and picking up Hyde.
Am I making a mistake here or just suck it up and keep thinking win now and playoffs?

My RBs going this week are Mixon, Chubb, and Shady in the flex. Bench is Gio and Howard, obviously.

I don’t see this as a mistake, Hyde has gotten some more touches and is still talented but you are basically just renting for the week before Fournette comes back, I would feel better if it was Yeldon over Hyde. Howard is fine but I think I would rather cut Gio.

Yeah someone snatched Yeldon a while ago and I haven’t been able to cuff him.

You would cut Gio as handcuff?

I would not, Hyde is awful. He could barely move the ball in Cleveland and still hasn’t moved the ball in Jacksonville even when Fournette was out. I’d take my chances with J Howard before ever trusting my fantasy playoff hopes in Hyde.