... Someone Just Dropped Kenyan Drake?!

Hey team! So a decent opportunity has opened up in my league. Someone just dropped Kenyan Drake for Corey Clement. I’d like to take advantage… but I have $85 FAAB left for the season, and most have $100 or $98. Here’s my squad:

QB: Wentz
RB: Gurley, Howard, Powell, Dion Lewis, Eckler
WR: Thielen, Allen Robinson, Enunwa, Robby Anderson, John Brown, Callaway
TE: Dissly, Jonnu Smith

Should I pull the trigger and drop one of these guys for Drake? How much FAAB should I spend?

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drop jonnu smith… and dont know how much spend on faab, but starting RBs dont usually fall on the waiver


Listen to Psykotik.


Agree on dropping Jonnu… just worried about spending too much too fast

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You’re probably not even going to need Drake by the looks of your depth. But the possibility to trade him, or in case of injury is great.

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Your guys leagues crack me up. Who is playing that does this stuff. Drop Drake GTFO.

I wouldn’t worry about spending too much if it gets you a starting running back you can plug in at flex rest of the year with your roster. This could be the move that wins you your league in theory. To me that’s worth spending up.


Happens to be my opponent this week! :rofl:

Yeah he would be a massive pickup, and I could then just turn around and trade one of my other RBs.

I agree with psycho this is literally the situation you save your FAAB for…


I’d drop $75 on a situation like this. it’s literally a starting RB!

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youhave quincy bye bye robby! spend all the fab!

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Jonnu gets the axe. im spending at least 70-80 percent for Drake. You know your league better than any of us. do people usually go big? are they conservative? go with the bid you are confident you will win Drake for. Your getting a free shot on a RB2 with RB1 upside off the waiver wire. lock him down.

Ah ok awesome. I know it’s unpredictable, but my only hesitation with him is that I believe he’s injury prone if I’m correct. Is this justified, or no?

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Also - Yeah, there are a few big spenders. And I’ve spent the most FAAB so far (didn’t know everyone else would get by with free to $1 bids though lol)

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everyone in the league is risking injury on every play. unless its a guy that has chronic issues i usually dont worry about that. i woudnt have any hesitation here.

for perspective. according to the rankings this week. the ballers have drake ranked at 13 for running backs. with jordan howard ranked right above him at 12, and lamar right below him at 14. from a value standpoint… if one of them was on the wire, would you take a shot on them? keep in mind this isnt a week or 2 play either… you have the opportunity to lock up an every week starter pretty much after the draft without compromising your roster in a trade.

all running backs have equal opportunity for injuries imo, and Drake has looked great this season.

Thanks for detailed response! Didn’t realize they had the rankings up yet. I definitely underestimated him. Miami hasn’t looked that great to me, but they’ve had an odd first few games.

I’m excited to see where Kenyan ends up in the league. I won’t be the only one!

UPDATE: I got him dudes! Spent $71 on him, so I have $14 left now. But here’s my squad now:

QB: Wentz
RB: Drake, Gurley, Howard, Powell, Dion Lewis, Eckler
WR: Thielen, Enunwa, Allen Robinson, Callaway, John Brown, Robby Anderson
TE: Dissly
K and DEF Streaming

Appreciate the help guys! I still wonder if my squad is strong enough to win this year, but Drake helps sooo much

I wouldn’t spend a penny on Drake until the coach is fired.

The usage baffles me after he did quite well down the stretch with him last year.

Watching Drake run solely out of the shotgun formation is just as baffling for me, a Dolphin fan. Gase (the coach) is frustrating us down here. It’s rather crazy but I have not seen a team run it’s offense out of the shotgun formation more than I have this year watching the Dolphins. This was not the case last year, and Drake excelled because of it. I think it has to do with Tannehill to be honest. What it is I can’t say exactly, but I think Tanny can read defenses better in this formation, or it’s something he feels comfortable with. Whatever it is it’s killing Drake’s production. I know the O-line has had some injuries now and it’s probably only going to get worse.

Equally frustrating is watching Drake run routes straight for the sideline with little room to make something happen. If this coach doesn’t change his schemes I don’t expect much from Drake for the rest of the year. Gore is not the problem as some fantasy experts suggest.

Tanny converted to QB in college and ran out of the spread, between that and the knee issues it’s probably healthier for him and more what he is used to. Cutler was prototypical pro style qb.

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