Someone just made a mistake!

What to do Footclan? Someone in my league just dropped Doug Baldwin. I assume it was a mistake, but who knows. The question is around fairplay and ethics. Does the commish have the power to reverse this (if the owner notices)? Should I mention it? Or should I make a waiver bid on him (and how much FAAB would you spend)?

i give it about a day. if there isnt an instant, shit shit shit shit i did NOT meant to do that, then either they did mean to, or they just dont pay attention. its a good lesson for those that are not. so, as for your FAAB, do you need a WR really bad? i would spend about 55-60% if you do. you want to make sure you get him without blowing your load. and anyone who spends more than that is doing just that, making sure they cant compete for anyone else that comes up.

I would pick him up asap and spend min 50%. If it was an accident then the League owner should probably fix it for him, but until someone says something take him.

It is standard scoring and my receivers are Nelson, Maclin, Parker, Ginn, and Coleman. Can easily drop Latavius Murray though to pick him up.