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Someone just tell me I'm crazy


Was just offered Martavis Bryant keepable at $13 and Sammy Watkins keepable at $16 for Alvin Kamara (locked in at $1 for next two seasons). Roster sits as follows:

QB - Rodgers
RB - Gurley
RB - Fournette
WR - Julio
WR - Fitzgerald
WR - Cobb
TE - Ertz

DeMarco, Kamara, Gillislee, Fuller, Funchess, Kupp, Graham

I’m sitting at 5-0, and while I’d love to nab one more high upside WR, I’m also trying to keep next year in mind. I think Kamara puts me in a great spot going forward, but this seems like a classic sell at his highest point and buy at the lowest point for Bryant and Watkins.

I guess I’m really just looking for someone to tell me to get over my unabashed love affair for Kamara and take this trade.

As always, appreciate the thoughts of the footclan.


Ppr or standard. Ppr you keep camaro, standard trade.


Honestly it’s too early in the season to start worrying about next year. We don’t have enough games and data on Kamara right now to say whether he would be good or bad. Now here in the present, Kamara has way more upside then either Bryant or Watkins.


@louisgedoulis PPR league.
@MadJesse are you down on Bryant or down on the Steelers offense? or both? I feel like both Watkins and Bryant have a lot of upside still, but I think with the departure of Peterson, Sean Payton was making another unsaid ringing endorsement for Kamara.


I own Bryant in 2/3rds of my leagues. Traded him off in one and he’s getting close to being cut in my other. I want to like Watkins but he’s been a turd this year and has that injury history. I like the potential keeper for next year, depends on if he stays in LA or not.

Yes I think the trade of Peterson is as close as it gets to Payton saying I like Kamara.

The real point I’m getting at is we know what Bryant and Watkins are as players. Boom or bust, some like that others like myself find it hard to predict and get frustrated. Kamara is the unknown, the lost arc of the covenant, the prodigal son. The unknown is what is so alluring right now. I say hold till we know more.


I was also going to say that kamara is the prodigal son. Hold onto that boy, he will serve you far better than bryant or wattys.


thanks guys. feel much better about not wanting to trade him now