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Someone offered me Gili for DJ strait up


What do I do with this I’m 2-3 and he is 4-1.


Roster dependent BUT if your solid on RB I would do it.


Burkhead is supposed to return also


I’m not solid on RB: Hyde, Abdullah and Kamara


Pats Backfield scare me a little bit. Gilli is really TD reliant also…


EEEEK ya idk…I don’t think I would do that. Hype train rolling saying he could come back sooner than later, BUT I wouldn’t do it then. There is allot of unkowns with will they even need him back if AP takes off, or they are out of the Playoffs. hope this helps.


Just so you know I’m the DJ owner here sorry if it was unclear


oh damn mis read that…then USE the hype and flip him for a better RB! Go after the top or very bottom teams and trade saying he is comin gback!!!


I also had DJ, I traded him for Demarco to a 4-1 owner. I felt like it’s better to get some sort of value to make the playoffs than keep DJ in your IR


I have no IR so he is taking a roster spot, which is worst


Agree. Gilli is TD dependent yes, but he should be getting more red zone opportunities. I’d keep him and decline the trade…could be one to revisit in the future