Someone picked up Aaron Jones so,

Do I go for Jamal Williams?

We have a stupid waiver priority where I end up being last priority every freaking week cause I’m in first place. And the guy one ahead of me picked up Aaron Jones. Is it worth dropping Trequan Smith for Jamal Williams? Or do I grab someone like Dj Moore or Josh Adams instead those are the only three guys im into, I don’t really need a WR though

Someone also dropped Derrick Henry

What is your full roster? Not sure JW has much value. JA has more value IMO but i still wouldn’t drop TS for either, this without knowing the full scope of your situation.

Qb. Trubisky

Rb. Melvin Gordon, Hunt, Fournette, Chubb, Howard, jalen Richard, Royce Freeman

Wr. Thielen, Devante Adams, obj, Boyd, Sutton, trequan smith

Te. Kittle

Def. Chiefs

I’d drop Royce over TS, if dropping anyone. I’d personally add Adams and drop Royce. But your moves aren’t on the waiver, they’re in trading IMO. You’re so loaded at WR I’d be shipping OBJ or Boyd along with someone like Chubb or Howard for a major another major RB piece.

Do you think I could get zeke?

It’s the only guy where a trade makes sense, everyone else has really crumby RBs on their team, we have one team that isn’t playing so that sucks

I bet if you went after him you could get him. Guy isn’t incredibly strong at WR.

Nick Chubb and OBj for Zeke?

Try Chubb and Boyd first. Giving up OBJ may be paying a bit much for Zeke. But you’re a top 10 RB from being set. Gordon has obvious injury concerns and what happens when the Chiefs clinch?

I already asked him how he felt about Boyd he said meh, which is obnoxious because Boyd is 11th WR in our league. I hate name value

Should I try to go for lev bell?

If you can get Bell at a better price than Zeke, it’s a chance worth taking in my book.

Jordan Howard for lev bell?

If you can pull that off, do it immediately.