Someone traded saquon for james conner

Hey fellas, just wanted to make my frustration public here. 12team, 0.5ppr extremely competitive league. A guy from our league came out saying he would listen to trades for barkley. He’s 3-4.
He received more than one offer on him, including 2 from me:
1 - offered coleman, lindsay and manny sanders
2 - offered chris carson + lindsay or coleman(and i was willing to negociate, i could’ve make sanders part of the 2 deal as well).
After not even getting an answer, i got a notification that this trade had just happened:
Dak, cohen and Barkley were traded for Brady, devonta freeman and Conner.

I knew the guy wanted a QB to play that week, but he has mahomes, why couldnt he stream?
This trade is basically
Barkley for conner and devonta freeman

Im the only one that thinks this trade is ridiculous? Freeman has been SO BAD and conner couldnt be consistent even if his life depended on it

The result: the 5-2 owner that is fighting for a top 2 seed(bye) just got saquon

Sometimes i wish i lived in the US.
Being from south America is nice, NFL has a large a fast growing market here, but there is one thing that i could notice: its very rare to find people who actually understand and can do good trades. As i believe that fantasy is still growing(very fast tbh), i think people will get the hand of doing trades, but for now i guess i will keep having to play with 1 or 2 morons in each competitive league im in…

Trading saquon for conner + freeman instead of coleman or lindsay + carson makes me want to quit

Tbh I can see why he would do it… let me break it down: I view this trade as Conner vs Carson, and Devanta vs Lindsay

RB1 - Conner vs Carson: The guy needs wins now and Conner is about to play Miami and have a pretty decent schedule ahead… and he’s passed his bye whereas Carson isn’t, so Conner gets the edge. Plus, Conner has been as good as Carson this season, both a bit up and down… The way the steelers want to win right now is by shutting down defensively and running the ball.

RB2 - Devonta vs Lindsay… I feel you that Lindsay is more explosive, but Lindsay is in a time share right now and is actually playing fewer snaps jn that timeshare… he’s still getting the goal line work for the most part, but he’s been kind of boom or bust; not the type of player you want if you are trying to get wins… devonta on the other hand has not been “so bad” at all and has been extremely consistent the last 4 weeks excluding the game he got ejected. Adding Coleman to your trade was nice, but then he’d be faced with the decision of starting Coleman or Lindsay, both who are in timeshares, as opposed to just rolling out Devonta Freeman who has been getting 15 points a week

I can definitely see his logic going for that trade over yours