Something to remember for next year's home stretch

Handcuff your studs!
Two weeks ago I thought I solidified my team by trading 2 players for JuJu. Instead of using the extra roster spot on Jaylen Samuels or Justin Jackson to handcuff Connor/Gordon, I added a DST to give myself another option. Fast forward a week & I could’ve cost myself 2 starting RB spots. This should probably be common knowledge, but figured I’d throw out the PSA.

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if I remember anything about the home stretch in fantasy football is you don’t want to play the gurley owner


Correct - avoid the Gurley owner at all cost. Also, avoid playing the Keenan Allen owner.

I set my team up this year specifically to be a Gurley killer. He turned into the Hulk last year.

Also, watch out for hot kickers. That guy for NYG is on fire like Robbie Gould last year. Do not leave that guy out there. Snag him if you can.

same with karia fairbarin. hes a stud

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That guy scares me as well. He is kickingbot. Watch him get like 25 pts this week.

he got me 18 last week and im proud of my little baby

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And if the Gurley owner also has Keenan Allen and Fair’bairn, you just pray someone else gets lucky and knocks him out of the playoffs before he gets to you lol.


I think I have a Gurley Killer.

Dixon (not starting yet but I think he will be championship gold).

Agreed, I feel ppl overlook this position. I currently own both fairbairn and Rosas