Sometimes the best move.. is NO move

So for once in my life… I stood pat on my hand.
I got ubber lucky on the draft and go many of the players I wanted
and I got the strong armed robbery of a deal on Jacobs at 3.08!!!

So, everyone on waivers would only be a bench stash.
NONE can break my starting lineup or even beat out my bench.
so… I decided to wait for the inevitable injury and improve my Waiver wire from 8 to 3
and HOLD until needed.

I made to waiver claims before the season as my kicker got waived
and I forgot to handcuff #1 Pick Cook w/ Mattison
I had to drob Anthony Miller to get him… but I like the rest of my team

I took TE … 1 round too late and everyone started picking up backups… and I ended up with Jonnu Smith from TN and not displeased with his Wk 1 performance.

QB Murray
TE Jonnu Smith
RB 1 Cook
Flex Jacobs ( RB BN David Montgomery and Alex Mattison on bench for bye’s)
WR 1 DJ Moore
WR 2 Robert Woods
WR 3 Digg ( WR BN Boyd, D Johnson - ty footclan! and Brandin Cooks)

*We start 3 WR so I like to have 6 WR’s and 5 RB’s stream TE’s DFS K

Brandin Cooks was the only person I considered for waivers… and decide that a long term hold on him could be beneficial in weeks 8-11 when I have bye’s and didnt feel like swapping him for Crowder, R Anderson, C Davis or Cage… all were hot waiver wire pickups)

I also didnt feel the need to jump on Hines, Snell, or AP
as I like Montgomery more than all of them.

So… it feels weird… to sit out the waiver wire madness … for once!

How deep is your league?

I’m in a 14 team league (deepest I’ve ever done). I picked 1st overall so my waiver priority is (was) last, so i’m also standing pat. I was pleased with my draft for the most part and got a nice week 1 victory with 2nd most points scored! I’m a little wary of my WR position but hey, in a 14 team league every position is gonna be a little thin. And with waiver priority so precious I’m with you, playing the waiting game is key because you know there will be a key injury or something at some point where someone on waivers becomes “the guy.”

My team:
McCaff, Carson (Hines, Singletary, Clement)
ACooper, McLaurin (Hardman, JJefferson, DSamuel)
Hurst (Jonnu)

P.S. Maybe your league is more shallow or a non-PPR and he’s not as necessary, but I highly advocate for Hines (maybe not worth your waiver priority yet as your team looks pretty good), but I’m glad I drafted him because he’s going to have a big year. Take it from a Colts fan. Good luck!