Sony and Chubb for Kupp and Lindsay?

10T full ppr redraft league…

I have Sony, Dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray, Chubb, and Kerryon for RBs and my wrs r Landry, Cooper, Manny Sanders, Godwin, and Keke…would u trade Chubb and Sony for Kupp and Lindsay?

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Yes I would take that trade. Kupp + Lindsay in full ppr is money.


Take it take it take it.

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Take it and run

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3 trades tonight this kid proposes to me and then backs out on all 3 smh…

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In the league or via text? If its text, troll him with an amazing trade for him… then back out. F this guy. He’s messing with you.

you should still try and get lindsay for cooper

Via text…that’s alright he’s fuckin wit the wrong guy lol I’m the commissioner so he wants to get a trade done now it’s not happening lol

yeah, don’t waste your time negotiating - sounds like a hopelessly indecisive person. tell him if he has a trade to propose, then to put it in there formally for you to accept or reject for real. other than that, you aren’t interested in discussing hypotheticals…

Yea for today I’m jus gonna keep sending him the trade via the site everytime he rejects jus keep submitting it jus to piss him off lol…