Sony and Hyde for Kyler?

Threw a trade out there to a gentleman with 3 qbs in lamar, Ryan, and Kyler and he likes to offer whichever one is ranked lower in total points for the season, he also only has 3 RBs being Mark Ingram, James white, and Buck allen. After this trade I’d be left with Carson, Gurley, D. Freeman at RB. My QB right now is Gardner and the only other option I’d consider would be Josh Allen off the Waivers but if I can get rid of Sony and pick up a top 10 QB in Kyler (not sure if he’ll keep it up tho) then why not. Any thoughts on the trade? half point ppr 4point passing td league.

I just don’t think I would give both of those up for Kyler with Josh Allen sitting on your waiver wire. He’s on the cusp of being a top 10 QB as well and has a great upcoming schedule.

I think you could do a little better. I would maybe try to leverage the fact that he has 3 startable QB’s and unless this is a 2 QB league, you can only play one at a time and most likely he is just burning a bench spot for no reason. You are pretty good at RB already and I would perhaps try and throw out Sony and Freeman for Kyler and White. For the record, I am a little bit of a homer Cardinal fan, butI do think Kyler is only getting better as the season progresses. He will have some tough games coming up but even against decent defenses Murray is producing in fantasy.

Jplum kind of convinced me with the Josh Allen argument but i’m a pats faan and the cardinals are my nfc team so I feel you man on Kyler Theoretically for kyler its only up from here.