Sony and Mixon?

I have both these guys who are disappointing each week and I’m not sure if I should be patient or move them and what their value is, what are other Mixon and Michel owners doing?

I have Michel and it’s super frustrating. At this point his value would be in a 2 for 1 if someone still buys his name. Might have to wait for a big game from him to get the return you’d like. Mixon I’m more optimistic with given his talent and volume

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Yea I was thinking pretty much the same thing about Michel, I have Hardman, Thielen, Woods, Anderson, Gallup Josh Gordon and McLaurin if I group him up with one of these wrs who do you think I can target? and the Mixon situation sucks because he’s an awesome RB with tons of skill but he’s on a team that’s just awful, and his oline is killing him right now.