Sony and Woods for Henry

I would be trading away a lot of upside but also a lot of uncertainty. This is in a standard league. Thoughts?

That’s too much for Henry IMO

What do you think Henry’s value is? I could try to add a low end receiver to it like a Tate or Marvin Jones

I personally think it’s a good trade. NE backfield is always crowded and Woods has Cooks and Kupp to contend with and Henry is killing it

I’d feel good giving it away and if I had Henry I still might turn it down unless my WRs were hurting

What?! Are we talking hunter Henry? If so this is a hell no. Each one of those guys are worth more than Henry.

Just an FYI

Robert Woods is averaging 8.2 pts/game
Sony Michel is averaging 7.0 pts/game

Henry is averaging 18 pts/ game

Derrick Henry

You’d be selling low on Michel and Woods. I don’t like to trade that way

I’m not a fan of “Selling low”… normally… but there may not be a sell high point on either of them… Henry is the only thing on the Titans worth owning and maybe he’s a one trick pony in real life, but 240 lbs running a 4.5 40 is a pretty damn good trick haha…

He’s right in the neighborhood of Zeke/Mack/Kamara/Bell/DJ on the season… pretty good company… Kupp is eating Woods targets and Sony is barely seeing the field… If I could get Henry for that I’d do it in a heartbeat…

…and for the record… I do NOT understand the hate against Henry… extremely underrated in the fantasy community, especially by the “experts”… it’s dumb… they kid scores points… “He’s on a bad team” blah blah… get over it, he scores points… and if you can 2 for 1 2 bad decisions for one good one, do it

I just traded away Gurley and Thompson for Henry in my half point PPR league !

Wrong about woods targets, but everything else agree. The narrative that woods doesn’t get targets is 100% incorrect. Woods has been getting targets, his worst game, in reality was 5 targets cause 3 were called back on penalty. So he has had 13, 5 and 8 targets. Plus he has had 5 rushing attempts. But he doesn’t get many redzone targets.

Goff has looked bad in the mid/deep field which is a decent part of woods games. This is the real concern for Woods, not his targets/touches.