Sony keeper value

I’m in a 12 team, .5ppr league with two keepers. If you choose to keep two players they count as your first and second round picks. If you only keep one or none then you can pick from available players in those rounds. I have Zeke and will use my first round pick on him. Would you keep Sony Michel for a 2nd or take a shot at some of the other available 2nd round players?

Sonny is talented but, as a word of caution never trust patriot backs. Team gameplans game to game rather than for the entire season. He will be competing with James and rex. Plus, he has not been involved in the passing game. Lastly, there are plenty of worthy backs who you can replace him with. Lindsay, Carson, Damian, guice, David Johnson or someone else.

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I would not keep Sony as a second. Based on mocks I’ve done so far he’s a 3rd round player.

Assuming 100% of the league keeps one and 50% of the league keeps 2 player total. That leaves several ‘better’ options for you to pick in the second. If you really want Sony then maybe you grab him in the 3rd or later.

Yeah I’d agree with the rest. He’s solely a pound the rock RB. Drop him for a 2nf round pick. Hopefully you can upgrade on him, then maybe he even comes back to you for your 3rd round pick!

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Came here to say… what has already been said! gotta love the footclan! Sony is a talent without a doubt! So long as he is a patriot, his workload and utilization is not something that can be counted on and I would much rather have a chance at a Jerrick McKinnon or some other 2nd round caliber player. Cheers!

I have Sony in a PPR dynasty and I’m torn because he’s so talented but doesn’t catch any passes. I think NE is moving towards a power run game and they will get Wynn back, but nothing in BB’s back rotation proves he will use a workhorse. (Dion/White/Burkhead) Sony will have good games you’d just have to guess them correctly. I think he isn’t worth a second, but you should be able to pick him up if you want him again. Also you are probably getting a top 10-12 ish WR if you took one in the second.