Sony Michael on waivers

Someone in my league just dropped Sony Michael to waivers in order to pick up Alfred Morris. I snagged Breida earlier in the week. Should I drop Payton Barber or Robby Anderson to take a shot on Sony? I already have Ingram taking up a bench spot for a few weeks, can I afford to have 2 stashes on a 4 man bench? This is a standard league.

EDIT: Roster goes as such:
QB: Stafford
RB: David Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Mark Ingram, Payton Barber, Mat Breida
WR: Devante Adams, Amari Cooper, Emmanual Sanders, Robby Anderson

Depends a little on the rest of your roster as to who i’d drop but in a vacuum i’d drop Robby Anderson. Barber is the guy at the moment, Breida will have value and Ingram is a must keep. Anderson there’s no knowing who Darnold’s top target will be and if will chuck it deep like Josh did. Getting the potential top back for the Patriots is a must, until you know otherwise grab him. He’s back at practice and could very well be good to go right away, they drafted him for a reason after all

You definitely can’t afford to have 2 stashes on a 4 man bench. And honestly sounds like you have plenty of decent upside WRs

I would drop Breida for Sony in a second. He’s tied to better offense and has higher upside in my opinion. Peyton Barber is a starting RB with way fewer question marks than Breida, so you’ll want to hold him. If you really want to keep Breida, then I’d drop Robby Anderson. If you truly only have 4 bench spots, there’s probably a comparable receiver on the wire anyway.

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I made an edit to show what my roster looks like

If you really want Michele drop Barber. The Bucs are a bottom half Offense without Winston for the first 3 games

I still say Anderson here based on that roster, solid starting RBs and WRs with upside, safe QB. If and When Lynch runs out of steam or if the raiders implode under Gruden you will have Ingram yes but when is just three good backs enough? Michel will be involved so i don’t even think he is a stash beyond this week to see what you have then he’ll be in and has more upside than Barber or Breida. If you desperate to keep Anderson i’d let Bredia go as his injured at the moment too. But i think Anderson will disappoint and you will want someone else there anyway as the year rolls on, why not put yourself in a strong trading position instead of playing the wire, people always need RBS mid season and you could leverage a trade for a better WR with a player in need.

I find myself doing that all the time.

I find the NE rb situation to be a headache between White/Burkhead/Michel, but if you wanted to take a stab at it I could see dropping Anderson.

Personlly I’d want to see how the SF situation pans out and I don’t trust the Hoodie, but that’s just me.