Sony Michel and Kupp for Bell

12 team standard league
Record 2-3
Thinking about offering Bell for Michel and Kupp
My other RBs are Breida, Lynch, and Allen
Other WRs are Thielen, John Brown, Golladay, Enunwa, Fitzgerald

I would make that trade if you could…
James Conner has been good, and when Bell comes back it could be more of a committee rather than Bell taking over full duty as the #1 RB. Bell has made it clear that he wants to limit his touches this season before he becomes a FA…

I like the certainty and volume that we are seeing with Michel in the Patriots offense…
There is so much unknown about the Bell situation…

you easily win that trade if he takes it

What do you think it would take to get Conner? Is it a 4 or 6 team playoff?

I wonder if it might be worth trying to get Conner relatively cheaply from the current owner, who likely does not see him being of any use for more than a couple additional weeks, and may well be shopping him actively already.

Given your existing WR core, which I think is solid for the time being, I feel like acquiring Conner and keeping Bell might be “the move” that transforms your team. You’ve managed to make it this far with Bell and maintain a record that keeps you completely in the playoff picture. If you can land Conner and lock up the PIT backfield without losing too much of your current team, I think you’d be in a really strong place.

Maybe if you could get Conner for Breida/Lynch/Allen + someone other than Thielen? Obviously starting as low as possible. But if you kept Bell and only had to give up, say, Breida + Enunwa to get Conner, I’d really like your chances ROS. You’d still have flexibility to get another elite RB or WR. I guess my issue with that trade is you don’t acquire a sure-thing elite player but you give up one (Bell) who, when playing at all, is a top 3 player in fantasy almost assuredly.

Taking Michel and Kupp for Bell is acceptable and may well be the best move, so I don’t discourage you from doing it. But I think it would be worthwhile to explore a reasonable way to acquire Conner before going down that road. That’s what I would do first, at least.

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Even my suggestion of Breida + Enunwa may be steeper than what you have to offer for Conner, actually. If the current owner wants a replacement that they know is going to be an active part of their respective team’s offense right now and ROS, they are probably feeling nervous about Conner right now and might be happy to give him up for some players with more assured season-long value. Maybe just Allen + Enunwa would suffice.

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